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DOOA Water Softener

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DOOA Water Softener is a plastic container designed for producing soft water ideal for use in the Glass Pot SHIZUKU or spraying on a small Paludarium.

If placing a pack of Paluda Clean PC (*included with the product) in the container,  pouring tap water and stirring it, the soft water with TH: less than 10mg/L can be easily made.

By using the treated water, white calcium stains on the glass surface can be effectively reduced.


Article Code: 156-203

-Add a pack of "Paluda Clean PC" that comes with the product, pour 500mL of tap water into the container, and then shake it up and down about 200 times (about 2 minutes).

-About 50L of treated water can be made with one pack of Paluda Clean PC when TH of tap water is 100mg/L.

-Remove the top first, make sure an O ring that comes with the product is properly attached to the top of the container, and use.

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