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Aqua Forest Aquarium provides professional freshwater aquarium maintenance services. We can schedule flexible services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed basis. Maintenance services includes cleaning of aquarium glass, gravel vacuum, filter cleaning, addition of necessary water conditioners, tank overall health assessment, water testing, and more. What services are needed will vary depends on the tank condition and will be determined on site.


Nature Aquarium design and installation:

Aqua Forest Aquarium is the pioneer in Nature Aquarium style in the United States. Nature Aquarium is a style of aquarium using real, live aquatic plants combing with natural elements such as stones and driftwoods and borrow design cues learned from observation of Nature to create a balanced Eco-system living art. We look forward to the opportunity to bring you this unique form of aquarium design to enhance your space whether at your own home or in a commercial space.