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TWINSTAR-II M3 (Algae Inhibitor) Reactor included

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TWINSTAR is an all new device with the most innovative technology to inhibit algae growth.

TWINSTAR inhibits green algae effectively without harmful influence on aquarium ecosystem. It inhibits algae proliferation by eliminating algae spores at their sprouting stage while also promote plant growth.

Sterilizing factor with micro-bubbles destroy cell wall of green algae to inhibit their growth and is nontoxic and harmless to aerobic bacteria. TWINSTAR also promotes better aquatic plants growth by inhibition of green algae on plants. Healthy plants can compete with algae for excess nutrients and further starve algae and inhibit algae growth in a natural way.

TWINSTAR's effect of promoting plant growth can be seen in a newly set up tank.

TWINSTAR promotes plants growth up to 50%. It increases the amount of light on the surface of plants by inhibiting algae that grow on them. It also activates trace elements in the water to make it more usable to plants.

Under the same conditions, the results of comparative test with Rotala Indica and Glossostigma can be seen. Glossostigma's growth increased up to 50% and Rotala Indica increased up to 40%.

Attention: The AQUACRADLE shown in the product images is an optional accessory, and is NOT included with this package.



  • Inhibition of Green algae growth
  • Promotes plant growth


 Effect on type of algae

  • Hair/Thread algae : 95%
  • Brown Algae : 90%
  • Blue green : 80%
  • Fuzz algae : 80%
  • Green Dust algae :80%
  • Green spot : 85%


No effect

  • Black brush / Beard
  • Green water(Eugmeana)



Treating Capacity (L)

  • 20 to 50 Liter (Approx: 5 to 13 Gallon)

Serving Tank Size (cm)

  • W36xD22X26 (cm) 
  • W30xD30X30 (cm) 
  • W45xD27X30 (cm)


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