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DOOA Magnet Light Stand MARU

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The DOOA Magnet Light Stand MARU 95 / MARU 130 is a stand made of steel with 2 sizes created specifically for the Magnet Light G, which is compatible with Glass Pot MARU 95 and MARU 130

Magnet Light G can be installed (by attaching to the inside of the top ceiling panel) of the Magnet Light Stand by using the built-in magnet of the Magnet Light G.

The power cord can be wired neatly by passing through a small hole in the back of the Magnet Light Stand MARU 95/130. This way you can enjoy the beautiful layout more stylishly without the wiring being noticeable 

Made in Japan

*The DOOA Magnet Light G shown in the picture is sold separately and NOT included in the DOOA Magnet Light Stand MARU ※The DOOA glass pot MARU, Magnet Light G, and all the materials inside the glass pot MARU are sold separately.


Product Name: Magnet Light Stand MARU 95 
Article Code: 153-015 
Size: W11×D12.5×H22(cm)/ W4.3×D4.9×H8.7 (Inches)
Product Name: Magnet Light Stand MARU 130
Article Code: 153-016 
Size:  W14.5×D15×H27.5(cm)W5.7×D5.9×H10.8 (Inches)


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