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DOOA TERRA BASE (Made of Clay)

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TERRA BASE is a new product developed for keeping small orchids, ferns, and moss growing in a state close to the condition of the natural habitat. This lovingly crafted clay product opens up the possibility of bringing a striking piece of rainforest into your living room and keeping small orchids, ferns, and mosses that otherwise grow on rainforest tree trunks in a state that comes close to their natural habitat. The Terra Base M is planted with mosses and epiphytes (by binding or gluing) and placed (e.g. in the Neo Glass AIR tank). The plants are supplied by filling the Terra Base M with water, which seeps through the pores of the pottery and also provides a cooling effect during the warm summer days through evaporation. The plants can also be sprayed with DOOA Wabi-Kusa Mist. 

*To grow moss and ferns successfully, it is highly recommended that you keep the Terra Base inside DOOA neo glass air tanks with glass cover to create suitable humidity conditions if you are in an area with low ambient humidity.

* The Aquarium Tank shown in the image is sold separately.

Digital Product Brochure 

New way to enjoy plants TERRA BASE (PDF/English)


  • Tropical tree for the living room
  • Natural conditions for epiphytes
  • Lots of available surfaces for epiphytes and mosses
  • Looks best with DOOA Neo Glass AIR
  • Very simple setup with maximum optical effect


DOOA Terra Base 160
Article code 152-600
Dimension(cm) Ø10xH16
DOOA Terra Base 230
Article code 152-601
Dimension(cm) Ø10xH23
DOOA Terra Base L (Discontinued)
Article code 154-602
Dimension(cm) Ø11.6xH28


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DOOA Neo Glass AIR small aquariums size compatibility: 

W20×D20×H30(cm)・・・Compatible with Terra Base 160
W20×D20×H35(cm)・・・Compatible with Terra Base 230

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