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This is a replacement reactor for TWINSTAR II: NANO+ / YOTTA+

It is also compatible with the TWINSTAR I: NANO / Super S


Instruction on How to Clean Your TWINSTAR Reactor

If your Reactor is dirty or contaminated, using bleach (such as Clorox or ADA Superge) will clean it.
This is will increase your TWINSTAR's lifespan period.
Please do not use a brush when cleaning the Reactor, metal coating can be damaged.
If the reactor's surface is covered with algae:
1.) Mix 150ml of bleach (such as Clorox) with 150ml water.
2.) Soak the reactor in the mixture for 30 minutes.
3.) Place the reactor in water with de-chlorination liquid added for few minutes. Then, Make sure to rinse off all remaining bleach with running water.
4.) Re-install Reactor.
5.) Ready to use.

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