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Wild Blue Rhino Stone sets (for 5-100 gallons tank, Not WYSIWYG)

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Wild blue rhino stone is a premium bluish-gray cobblestone collected from the riverbed in Eastern Europe. It is a beautiful stone with the smooth round edges and texture of fossilized wood. They reflect light wonderfully on surfaces and are neutral to water hardness parameters. It is an ideal stone for classic IWAGUMI layouts but can be a nice addition to any driftwood-based hardscape as well.

*Sometimes it contains white lines due to quartz inclusion.  

*This stone is mostly inert and has minimal impact on water chemistry 




    * 30W/mini M set (for 5 gallons tank or under)

    * 30C/45P set (for 8-12 gallons tank)

    * 60P set (for 15-20 gallons tank)

    * 90P set (for 40-60 gallons tank)

    * 120P set (for 70-100 gallons tank)




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