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ADA VUPPA II (Water Surface Extractor)

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*Special note on Vuppa-II operating sound

-It is an effective surface oil skimmer that uses a floating switch to avoid cavitation in the pump. The floating switch repeatedly turns on and off according to the amount of water coming into the main unit of VUPPA-II.
The switching noise may occur.  It is not a sign of malfunctioning.

VUPPA-Ⅰ, a stainless steel water surface extractor, is now renewed functionally as VUPPA-Ⅱ.   

VUPPA-II is an improved and evolved version of the original VUPPA-I.  The original VUPPA-I was a pioneering invention (by Aqua Design Amano) that helped solved the nuisance of surface film in aquariums.  

VUPPA-II adopts an internal floating switch that prevents cavitation caused by a water level change. The new rectangular shape resonates with the shape of Cube Garden Aquariums.  The components have been reworked and simplified to facilitate maintenance.  The body of the VUPPA-II is crafted completely of stainless steel for modern unobtrusive aesthetics and durability. 

*For fresh water only
*Patented product
*Voltage / AC100V- 240V 50/60Hz


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W43×D43×H130 USB Power Adapter 5V/1A (Type A plug) is included 


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