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Twinstar Diffuser "Classic style" - Acrylic

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The Twinstar "Classic style" CO2 diffuser uses microspore ceramic stone to produce super fine bubbles. These Micro-bubbles will last longer in the water, which increases its carbon dioxide solubility efficiency.

It is made of transparent acrylic, which is not easily broken unlike other cheap glass diffusers when separating from the aquarium for a cleaning. With the unique ceramic stone and Acrylic bonding technologies, they are durable enough to withstand high pressure for extended reliability.

 Various sizes available (Small, Medium, Large) for tanks up to 250L/65 gallon.

  • Microspore ceramic stone produces ultra-fine bubbles.
  • Microbubbles will last longer in the water, increasing their dioxide solubility efficiency.
  • Transparent acrylic design &  Shatter-proof.
  • Unique ceramic stone and acrylic bonding technologies that are durable enough to withstand the CO2 system's high pressure.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • CO2 is key to photosynthesis and a healthy planted aquarium.

*AIR diffuser is designed to work with the air pump for providing oxygen and aeration to the aquarium.

Size Diameter  Aquarium Size


Ø12mm  5~10 gallons (20~40L)


Ø17mm 10~30 gallons (40~120L)
Large Ø23mm 30~65 gallons (120L~250L)

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