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Seiryu Stone - small mix (5 lbs per order)

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SEIRYU STONE is a grey stone with sharp edges and crevices. It can be used with stem plants or with ground cover plants.  (Glossostigma, Hemianthus Callitricoides, and Eleocharis). This is the most popular stone for an IWAGUMI layout and is also an excellent stone to use in combination with driftwoods.  Please note that this is a natural material and it comes in different textures and characteristics, some have more crevices and some have fewer crevices.  The picture shown is just an example and we can not guarantee all stones comes in the same texture and characteristics as the stones shown.

Ideal for naturally decorated aquariums in the Amano style.

  • Minimum Order Amount: 5 lbs ($5.99/lb)



  • This rock may raise pH and hardness slightly. 
  • Various sizes are available.
  • Great for use as an embellishment or filling the gaps in a layout.


*Approx. stone size 1 inches- 4 inches





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