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ADA Pollen Glass

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Pollen Glass is a CO2 distributor, which virtually pollinates the entire aquarium with tiny carbon dioxide bubbles. Pollen Glass is hand made from high quality Japanese glass.

Pollen Glass Type-2
Its form is designed for use in a standard size 60cm aquarium (approx 20 Gallon) or under.
60cm Tank (20Gallon or under)
*Generally use 30mm. for 90 cm standard aquarium (approx 50 US Gallon), 40mm. for 120 cm standard aquarium and 50mm. for larger aquariums.

Pollen Glass Type-3
Pollen Glass Type-3 is the glass diffuser for 60cm tanks, and it has excellent diffusion efficiency. With significant improvements on silicon joint area, it makes the tube arrangements around your tank nice and neat and free from tube-bending troubles. Please try our stylish and high-quality new glass diffuser.
  • Suitable for 45cm to 60cm aquarium (10~20 Gallon)

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