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Ancient horn driftwood

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Ancient horn driftwood is a relatively heavy and dense driftwood with rustic texture and some branch.  Make use of its unique features to create your favorite aquascape!

*Saprolegnia (white slime) may appear during the initial stage. If it occurs, suction them out with a small tube frequently.



  • Please rinse it with water before use. 
  • It may release tannins during initial setup.
  • As it is natural driftwood, there are variations in shapes, textures, and colors. We are unable to guarantee the characters of wood.



  • XL Size ANCIENT HORN DRIFTWOOD: *Approx. size 18 inches- 24 inches
  • L Size ANCIENT HORN DRIFTWOOD: *Approx. size 15 inches- 18 inches 
  • M Size ANCIENT HORN DRIFTWOOD: *Approx. size 10 inches- 15 inches
  • S Size ANCEINT HORN DRIFTWOOD: *Approx. size 6 inches- 10 inches 

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