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ADA Green Brighty Neutral - K (If tap water has higher pH and KH)

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GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K, which does not raise pH or Carbonate Hardness (KH), has been newly added to the liquid fertilizer series. New BRIGHTY K (alkaline) and GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K efficiently supply potassium that often can be depleted in planted aquarium. You can choose based on water quality of tap water, kinds of substrate materials/aquatic plants or types of layout.


To download click here: NEW LIQUID FERTILIZERS Leaflet (PDF/English)


The New Green Brighty

The new Green Brighty Series allows you to apply an adequate amount of appropriate nutrients in combination with ease.
This great feature prevents wasteful supply of nutrients and also inhibits algae growth in aquarium.

Bring Beauty and Healthy to Aquatic Plants

The new Brighty series enable you to choose from various nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium, Trace elements and Iron) according to kinds or conditions of your aquatic plants and helps you to grow aquatic plants even more beautifully and healthier.

The bottle has a new look

The new slim square bottle with pump nozzle. Package volume has been entirely changed, which helps fully use.

BRIGHTY K is a liquid fertilizer supplying potassium to planted aquariums. BRIGHTY K also has an effect of enhancing the buffering capacity of water and prevents a decline in pH of aquarium water.
*This product does not remove residual chlorine.

A constant supplement of Potassium, which in most cases is insufficient in the aquarium, is important to realize a balance of necessary nutrients for aquatic plants to grow. The other two of the three basic nutrients, Nitrogen and Phosphorous are often produced in abundance within a planted aquarium. Regular dosage of Brighty K at water changes, is also effective in neutralizing chlorine in tap water, which may cause toxication to aquarium fish.

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