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Blue Fin Stone

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This is a different variation of Frodo stone, which is more slate-like with a Flat shape and some crushed pieces, it is great for use as an embellishment or finishing touch piece. (*Please check the below video, the "Blue Fin stone was also used as finishing touch material for this IWAGUMI/stone layout)

Frodo Stone is a highly sought-after stone from Poland.  It is well known for its unique rugged texture and "cracking" pattern.  The color varies from brownish to gray.  It is great for the Iwagumi style and also works well with wood.  When combing with wood it gives a very natural look.  This stone is slightly similar to the Japanese Manten stone but with its own twist.  It is also known as the "European Manten stone".

*Please read carefully for our descriptions before you order, we have three different choices for the Frodo stones:

  • Regular Mix: Minimum Order Amount: 15 lbs ($7.49/lb)
  • Large single piece: Minimum Order Amount: 30 lbs ($6.99/lb)
  • X-Large single piece: Minimum order Amount:  50lbs ($6.49/lb)


*This stone is mostly inert and has minimal impact on water chemistry

*Regular Mix: Stone size (3" to 8") Assorted sizes stone selection.

*Large single piece: Stone size (8" to 12") One single Large piece stone plus a few smaller stones to fill the remaining weight.

*X-Large single piece: Stone size (10" to 14") One single X-Large piece stone plus a few smaller stones to fill the remaining weight. 


Ordering tips:

For Regular mix orders, We usually will provide an assortment of different sizes according to the amount of your order if nothing is specified.

For Large single-piece and X-Large single-piece orders, you may send us a picture example in email or descriptions in the notes section when you check out.  If nothing is specified, we will pick one for you.

If you wanted to be more specific about your stone selection.  In the notes section when you place your order, you may provide us the size and dimensions of your tank and whether or not it is for Iwagumi or to complement the wood.  You can also provide a link to a picture example.  

If you are not sure what amount to order, you may email us first and we will try our best to assist you in figuring out what amount you need to purchase.

Please note while we will try our best to pick out the stones per your request, we can only take requests for approximate size and shape, and we are unable to take requests for characters, texture, or exact shape.  






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