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DOOA Glass Pot MARU 130

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The Glass Pot Maru 130 by DOOA is an elegantly designed glass container with a lid that is ideal for housing small terrariums or aquatic plants. For example. Anubis,  Bucephalandras, Cryptocorynes, Fern, or Moss come into full effect. Therefore, this mini aquarium is a visual enrichment for every office and home where a little floral eye-catcher is desired.

Glass Pot MARU 130 is newly added to the DOOA Glass Pot series.  Previously, it was only offered in a glass pot set. The MARU 130 also has added two holes on the side for ventilation on the main unit and a lid is included.

The holes for ventilation help maintain moderate humidity in the glass pot, making it easier to grow tropical plants. It is also ideal for a mini Paludarium/Terrarium.

*Due to its handcrafted manufacturing process, the measurements of the products may vary.




Article Code:  151-306
Size(mm): Size: Ø130×H200 mm

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