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DOOA CELL (glass pot)

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CELL is made of three separable parts and makes it possible to grow plants in a diversity of environments, from tropical plants and hydrophytes to succulents. The tall top case with ventilation holes keeps the suitable humidity and temperature. It is also possible to keep under normal humidity conditions without the top case. The inner pot is designed with drainage slits and it allows water to go through. Therefore, the amount of water in the soil can be controlled properly. You can keep water in the bottom case, so it is also suitable for cultivating plants that prefer very wet environments, such as aquatic plants (aerial leaves) and hygrophytes. As the inner pot can be taken out, you can pour off water that accumulates in the bottom case and make water change easily.
Three colors of the bottom case in CELL are available and come with the appropriate amount of soil and pumice to get started quickly. Let’s enjoy growing various plants with CELL.   

Special Feature of CELL

❶ Take out the inner pot for watering 

The 8 slits on the bottom of the inner pot ensure water flows out when watering. The fluid movement of water from top to bottom prevents mold and pests, avoids root clogging, and drains impurities. 

Discard water which accumulates in the bottom case
The water goes through the soil and accumulates in the bottom case, it can be easily discarded by taking out the inner case.

Plants can be grown with the bottom case filled with water
For plants that prefer high soil moisture environments, you can fill the water in the bottom case and maintain it. Regular water change is easily performed by taking out the inner pot.

Various case arrangements
For plants that grow at normal humidity, remove the top case and just use the inner pot and bottom case. For plants that change the preferred environment depending on the growth period, gradually changing humidity can be achieved through the management of top-case removal.  

Easy maintenance
When you remove the top case, you can check the plants' condition and perform maintenance easily from all angles. 

Set includes:

  1. CELL glass pot (Clear/Amber/Emerald)
  2. Tropical River Soil 700mL
  3. Pumice 150mL



    Article Code: 151-320 (Clear) / 151-321 (Amber) / 151-322 (Emerald)

    Product dimensions: Ø170×H300mm 

    • Size of top case: Ø150×H280mm 
    • Size of inner pot: Ø140×H62mm 
    • Size of bottom case: Ø170×H75mm

    User Manual:  Click HERE to Download (pdf) Manual 

    *Due to its handcrafted manufacturing process, the measurements of the products may vary.


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