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NA Lamp

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In search for the best light for their health and their natural beauty, we came to realize the importance of research on the natural habitats of aquatic plants. Based on thorough field research of sunlight especially in tropical regions, we succeeded in the invention of the optimum lighting system for the photosynthesis of aquatic plants. NA Lamp at an 8,000 Kelvin colour temperature, is the result of such research. Our basic concept is a high technology lighting system that meets the demand of aquatic plants.

NA Lamp with green additional spectrum
The New NA Lamp has the highest peak at 540 nanometer and another peak at 520 nanome- ter (see the arrow in the illustration above). This new sub-peak is adopted to bring out the most natural colours of the aquatic plants.

Penetration of light through water in the natural habitat of aquatic plants
In tropical rain forests, hundreds of different kinds of trees and plants grow. Through the thick leaves of those trees, sun light scarcely shines on a river and only for a very limited time in the day. Aquatic plants in their natural habitats, often grow on the river banks or river beds, waiting for the sunlight to come in. NA Lamp is ADA's original fluorescent tube fine tuned for the best composition of the light spectrum, and designed specifically for the growth of aquatic plants in an aquarium. Set at 8,000 Kelvin color temperature and with a newly adopted additional green spectrum, NA Lamp brings out the beauty of aquatic plants in an aquarium.

In the morning or in the evening, the sun light is reflected off water surface and does not penetrate into the water. At such times of the day, sunlight has a more reddish spectrum. This means that aquatic plants hardly utilize the reddish light in the natural habitats. Photosynthesis is generally limited to the hours roughly between 10am to 2pm of the day, when the sunlight comes in at an angle of 45 or higher and penetrates into the water without being reflected off the water surface. The sunlight during those hours has a more green-blue spectrum. NA Lamp has a similar composition to create the ideal conditions within an aquarium.

36W Twin

This ADA NA lamp 36W twin power compact florescent bulbs is designed to reproduce the "Natural sun light" in order to promote the healthy growth of the aquatic plant. After extensive research, development and strict manufacturing process of the NA-Lamp, the impressive end result shows excellent photosynthesis activity of the aquatic plant. In addition, the high value of true color rendition property brings out the hue of vivid green and red beautifully from the aquatic plant and the fish.

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