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DOOA Neo Glass Paluda is a paludarium tank designed to grow tropical rainforest plants.  The minimalist design is simple yet functional.  The tank is designed to be easy to work with.  The top front glass panel slides open and the front glass can be fully opened; the 30cm model comes with a single swing door and the 60cm model with a double door structure.  The air circulation of the tank, which is vital for growing healthy terrarium plants, can be easily controlled by installing the circulation Fan 40 (sold separately) to the fan mounting hole located on the side of the tank.

 *DOOA Terra Base and Terra Plate work well with these paludariums.



Article Code: 151-405

Size (cm):  W30xD30xH45

System includes:

  • Aquarium tank
  • Sliding glass top 30
  • Top glass plate 30
  • Hole cap (40mm x 1)
  • Drainage piece


Paluda 60


Article Code: 151-406

Size (cm):  W60xD30xH45

System includes:

  • Aquarium tank
  • Sliding glass top 60
  • Top glass plate 60
  • Hole cap x (40mmx1)
  • Drainage piece 


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