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DOOA CIRCULATION FAN 40 (for system Paluda series)

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DOOA CIRCULATION FAN 40 is a small fan for air circulation and ventilation to be installed to the system Paluda series.  It can be installed to the hole (40mm) on the side in two ways: from outside (for sucking air into the tank) or from inside (for venting air out of the tank).  The flow of air (can be adjusted in 3 stages) and humidity inside the tank can be appropriately adjusted according to the needs of the plants you are growing.  By filling the aquarium tank with mist generated from the MISTFLOW, an environment with flowing mist such as a cloud forest can be recreated.  It is drip-proof and can be used in humid environments. 

Article Code: 152-507

*Connect the product to SYSTEM PALUDA 30/60, NEO GLASS PALUDA 30/60 and use.  This product can not be used alone.

*USB adaptor (5V1A) does not come with the product.  Connect the product to a USB port of POWER CORD S-70 or purchase a USB adapter separately as needed.


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