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Thorn Nerite Snail (Clithon Corona)

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*The snail that you receive may not look the same as the image shown due to natural variations.

The thorn snail is an unique and interesting snail with horn on their shell.  They have yellowish-brown color with black band/stripe.  Some have thicker black band than others.  They require specific salt water conditions to breed, therefore, they will not reproduce in freshwater aquariums.

These snails are great algae eaters.  They are safe with plants.  They clean algae off surfaces such as glass, plant leaves, rocks, and wood.  They are purposeful and fun to keep in an aquarium!


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Size range(cm):  1.5~2.5

PH range:  6.5-7.8

Temperature:  65F to 85F 

Diet:  Omnivore

Feeding:  Algae wafers, fish food, detritus



Avoid snail eating fish such as puffers or loaches.

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