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ADA Solar RGB Stand W180cm

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Solar RGB Stand, specifically designed for ADA's flagship pendant style 
lighting system, Solar RGB. 
A highly durable, simple designed stand for supporting SOLAR RGB light fixture. It is designed to be attached to a wooden aquarium stand, such as WOOD CABINET, with the provided Mounting brackets, which comes along with the stand.

* Solar RGB Stand is NOT compatible with ADA Plain Cabinet and Cube Cabinet.
* Solar RGB lighting and cabinet shown in the photo are NOT included, they are SOLD separately! 
  • Wood Cabinet attachment parts are included for mounting the Solar RGB Stand on the WOOD CABINET
  • Furnished metal clips are included for fixing the electrical wire to the stand
    • For Aquarium size: W180cm in length
    • Height: 195cm (approx: 6.5 ft) from right side
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    For W180cm long aquarium


    Manual Download (in PDF format)

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