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CO2 system kit with Archaea CO2 regulator (PRO) single gauge

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This CO2 system kit includes:

  • Archaea CO2 regulator (PRO) single gauge x 1
  • Brand new 5lb aluminum CO2 cylinder x 1
  • ADA clear part set x 1
  • ADA CO2 pressure-proof tubing x 1 
  • Twinstar CO2 diffuser Medium x 1

Description for Archaea CO2 regulator (PRO) single gauge:

A compact, stylish CO2 regulator with electronic solenoid for use with standard CO2 Cylinders (GA 320 fittings). It features an innovative "Tool-Free" self-locking mechanism, which utilizes the CO2 pressure to screw-lock the regulator on the Standard CO2 cylinder. With this new design, you can hand tighten the regulator to the CO2 tank without an Adjustable Wrench. 

Description for 5lb CO2 cylinder:

This high-quality carbon dioxide gas cylinder is made of aluminum and extra-thick walls that are stylish and durable.  This is an empty CO2 cylinder and is shipped empty.  It can be easily filled at your local gas supplier or welding shop.  Made in the USA.


  • CGA320 valve standard for CO2
  • Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior, will not rust.
  • 5.25" diameter, 18"high 
  • 1800 PSI service pressure


This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.  For more information please visit:

 Description for ADA CO2 clear part set:

The sets include parts that are necessary for connecting and installing glass-made equipment. It is recommended to replace Suction cups and Check valve approximately once a year as the suction capability of Suction cups decrease with time, and Check valve degrade with age and triggers counterflow to EL Valve and CO2 regulator, causing the breakage.

Description for ADA CO2 pressure-proof tubing:

For connection from regulator to distribution parts or between distribution parts. 
Unlike silicon tubes, Pressure-proof tubes do not allow penetration of CO2 gas which causes minute leakage. For distribution of CO2 gas, Pressure-proof tubes are recommendable, except for the direct connection to a glass product. The pressure-proof tube cannot be connected to a glass product.

Description for Twinstar CO2 diffuser: 

The Twinstar CO2 diffuser uses microspore ceramic stone to produce super fine bubbles. These Micro-bubbles will last longer in the water, which increases its carbon dioxide solubility efficiency.  It is made of transparent acrylic and has a built-in bubble counter.  With the unique ceramic stone and Acrylic bonding technologies, they are durable enough to withstand high pressure for extended reliability.

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