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Anubias nana (potted)

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This is a versatile and easy plant. It is often grown tied to driftwoods. In nature aquariums, it is often used with driftwood to provide a basic "structure" of a layout. When background plants are trimmed and stop absorbing nutrients from the water temporarily, these "structural plants" remains and will help compete with algae for nutrients. It will also keep the tank looking less odd when compared to a tank without these "structural Plants" where after trimming the tank can look bare and odd to look at. It is a plant that works great for tanks that are meant to be kept for a long time. The longer it is grown, the fuller and more natural an aquascape will look. 



  • Lighting requirement: Moderate to medium light
  • Growth rate: slow
  • Hardiness: easy  
  • Size: 1 pot


Attention! Please read the following important notes before ordering any live plants:

For all customers outside of California, please do not order plants via UPS Ground shipping or USPS first class mail, there is a very high chance they will not make it alive.  No live arrival guarantee for USPS first class, UPS ground, and FedEx ground.  USPS priority mail is guaranteed with a 50% refund/credit.  Although USPS priority mail is the most popular and ships fine in most cases, occasionally it could get mishandled or delayed, so please order at your own risk.

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