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Substrate Systems

Innovative Earth

“Substrate is the most important point for maintaining the aquarium balance for a long time.” This is the quotation from an article Takashi Amano has contributed to an aquarium magazine. Since its foundation, Aqua design amano has developed many substrate products in collaboration with experts of the soil. In 1996 we have announced an innovative AQUA SOIL. It promotes amazing growth of aquatic plants.

The secret of AQUA SOIL is fertile natural earth, and layer structure with Power Sand, and Bacter 100.

Natural organic substances promote the growth of plant roots, and it realizes idealistic earth of the planted aquarium. Fresh green aquatic plants absorb nutrients from the earth, and the fish breath oxygen produced by photosynthesis of aquatic plants. The substrate turns itself to more fertile ground by degrading the excretion of fish. Have you experienced the innovation of AQUA SOIL series?