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Lighting System

The Quality of Solar Series Lighting System

In order to produce the most ideal lighting fixtures that meets the demands of aquatic plants.  Aqua Design Amano has gone through extensive research of the nature of the underwater light field in several of the world's most prominent regions.  After many years of product development and real world practice, ADA has produced numerous numbers of lightings specifically designed for aquatic plants.  As a result, Grand Solar I is one of the terminus ad quem of our lighting equipment. Its development tips after all existed in the Mother Nature. In the actual water of the freshwater river, strong sunlight only penetrates into water during two hours before and after noon time, and the light is reflected on the water surface for the rest of the day time. From these observations, we came up the idea to use metal halide lamp for the strong lighting, and softer lighting with fluorescent lamp, in order to realize the natural sunlight.

In this development process, we examined the material carefully, and produced all the materials within Japan. The design of Grand Solar I is simple, yet it equipped with slits for releasing the high temperature from metal halide lamp, and radiator fin. We also adapted highest quality level electronic ballast for Grand Solar I. The ballast is the core of the metal halide lamps, and in a sense it is the most important part. From this point, we can say brand new electronic ballast of Grand Solar 250 is the groundbreaking development.

Idealistic Lighting for Plants

The lighting is indispensable for the plant growth. The goal of artificial lighting is the natural sunlight. But the quality and amount of lights reaching the ground changes from moment to moment, and the lighting hour idealistic for the plants in a day is limited. The heart of the all ADA Lighting System is the unique, true 8000 Kelvin lamp which was determined the most ideal and closest simulation to the aquatic plants' natural environment.

NA LAMP MH-150W is the metal halide lamp, for realizing such idealistic sunlight, and Solar I is a simple lighting system with a high functionality. These ADA Lighting Systems are the goal of our lighting development, and at the same time, the starting point for the future better improvement.