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Layout Materials

A rock scenery formed by water

The ocean wave repeats surf and backwash. White foaming wave curls up the sand near the shore, and scrape away the surface of stone a little by little. In the long history, tectonic activity of the earth may crumble and moves the rocks in a grand scale. A rock scenary formed by the force of water is telling us the natural proviance strongly, yet calmly. Those rocks stays longer than us on the earth and they have been looking operation of the nature. The natural rock scenary is the starting point of rock arranged layout of the Nature Aquarium.

Driftwood in the Natural Landscape

In the primitive age, human being was a part of the Nature, and Nature was nothing special for human being. However, as civilization develops, people takes distance from the nature and sometimes came into conflict with it. In the working of the nature, trees withers, and decays, and only pulp remains. Remains of the trees are drifted by water and becomes a part of the natural landscape. Such a simple landscape moves our minds, because our memory of primitive age might be recalled.

Learning the Stone Placement from mother Nature

Countless numbers of river stones exist in a natural limpid stream. They come all in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and nothing comes in identical form. Those river stones look scattered randomly, yet they are placed by the dynamism of the river flow in a position each stone becomes the most stable. The natural river stone is the master of the Stone Placement.