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CO2 Systems

Reliability and Performance achieved through the relentless pursuit of perfection.

CO2 supply now became a common sense for promoting photosynthesis and growth of the aquatic plants. But History of CO2 supply system development overlaps the company history of Aqua Design Amano.

We are proud diffusion of ADA CO2 small cartridge system enabled aquarium hobbyists to enjoy planted aquarium tank these days. In this system, various technologies are hidden inside. Safety purge, avoiding accidental discharge, is equipped on the cartridge so that everyone can handle the cartridge in household. Each part of the regulator is designed to have the world's highest class reliability and performance, and its material was decided after many investigations. Simple, yet easy-to-handle operability, and the most reliable standards of safety are the reasons for winning patronages from planted aquarium hobbyists.

Diffusing CO2 in a form of tiny bubbles like a “pollen”

In the history of Aquarium Industry, there were some epoch-making events. One of such events is the introduction of the all-glass aquarium product. ADA Pollen Glass-CO2 diffuser is the first model of such products. It diffuses CO2 in a form of tiny bubbles like pollens and spreads CO2 into the aquarium water. The transparent glass products are blended into the water environment and do not disrupt the aquascape.

ADA focused on the characteristic if glass : its clarity and flexibility like water. For us, glass was the most appropriate material for aquarium products.

The release of Pollen Glass presaged the coming of a new age of the planted aquarium.