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Sol Stand RGB is LED lighting for small aquariums under W36cm.  The Lighting Unit can be adjusted up and down depending on the type of layout and aquarium plants.  The simple design gives a feeling of openness.  The clamp to secure the Lighting Unit on the aquarium has been meticulously designed and built.  It produces a premium look.  By adopting the special RGB LED chip as light source, 3 primary colors for light, such as Red (R), Green (G), and Blue (B), and the output of each wavelength are optimized for the growth of aquatic plants as well as for the viewing of the layouts.  As a result, aquatic plants grow healthily and bright colored beautiful aquascapes can be successfully executed.

*Price is for Sol stand RGB only, fish tanks and CO2 systems shown in the pictures are sold separately


This product is compatible with Cube Garden / Cube Glass aquarium in the following sizes: (or with frameless aquarium tank of the size).
  • W20xD20xH20cm (Glass thickness 5mm)
  • W30×D30×H30cm(Glass thickness 5mm)
  • W30×D18×H24cm(Glass thickness 5mm)
  • W36xD22xH26cm(Glass thickness 5mm)
  • Aqua 30
  • Terra 30
  • Neo Glass air various sizes


  • Compatible for Glass thickness 5~6mm
  • Input voltage: AC 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Rated power: 24W
  • Power consumption: 16W+/-10%
  • Illuminance: Around 15,000Lux (at 10cm distance)
  • Color temperature: 9,000 K to 12,000 K (There are variations in color temperature due to the nature of LED lighting characteristics.) 
  • LED: RGB LEDx24
  • LED lifetime: Over 30,000 hours (subject to operating environment)
  • Operating temperature environment: 0 to 35 ℃


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