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Super Red shrimp Grade S

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*The shrimp that you receive may not look the same as the image shown due to stress during transportation as well as natural variations.


Super Red shrimp is a variety of Taiwan Bee shrimp.  It belongs to the Caridina genus, which is the same as crystal red shrimp.  Therefore, care and requirements are similar to crystal red shrimp.  

Keep in mind that these shrimps require clean water without Ammonia and nitrite and PH on the slightly acidic side.  If you can make sure your water is fully cycled and provide optimal water parameters, it is possible to keep even as a beginner. 

ADA aqua soil Amazonia is also widely popular among Crystal red shrimp breeders and hobbyists.  The ADA aqua soil Amazonia provides good trace elements as well as buffering the PH, many hobbyists have reported high success breeding crystal red shrimp using ADA aqua soil Amazonia.  Although their algae eating appetite is not as strong as Amano shrimp, they love to graze on algae and could still keep your tank clean.  They are a great addition to your planted aquarium and it is so fun to watch them graze and clean all day long.  Be warned, they could keep you sitting in front of your aquarium for long hours! 


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PH range:  6-6.8

Temperature:  62F to 78F

Diet: Ominivore

Feeding:  algae wafers, fish food, detritus, biofilm


Keep these shrimps with small fish that will not try to eat them.

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