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ADA Solar RGB Stand W180cm

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This highly durable, sleek-styled stainless-steel stand is created for hanging the ADA's flagship pendant-style lighting system, Solar RGB, which can be installed by fixing it to a matching wooden aquarium stand/cabinet. (*The footprint of the aquarium stand must match the exact footprint of the aquarium tank, in order to be compatible with this product.)

Even though it has a simple structure, it has the strength to support the lighting unit securely. Lineup of products optimized for various tank sizes from 60 to 180 cm. In the past, the mounting bracket was designed to be fixed on the back of the Wood Cabinet, but now it has been changed to be fixed to the side.

* Solar RGB Stand is NOT compatible with ADA Plain Cabinet and Cube Cabinet.
* Solar RGB lighting, aquarium tank, and cabinet shown in the photo are NOT included, they are SOLD separately! 

  • Wood Cabinet attachment parts are included for mounting the Solar RGB Stand on the WOOD CABINET
  • Furnished metal clips are included for fixing the electrical wire to the stand
    • For Aquarium size: W180cm in length
    • Height: 195cm (approx: 6.5 ft) from right side
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    For W180cm long aquarium


    Manual Download (in PDF format)

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