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Forest Black Wood-Branch Type

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“Forest Black Wood” is an attractive new driftwood from AFA! Obtaining this beautiful driftwood is a result of our relentless search for new, quality products to provide and share with the world of Nature Aquarium and hobbyists alike. After traveling through various countries, looking through countless samples of driftwood and rock, we happened across this obsidian hued wood that caught our attention immediately. We felt a spark of curiosity and creativity, it was love at first sight.
As the name suggests, it is dark in appearance; almost like charcoal. As it absorbs water it becomes a deeper black. Having a great number of branches that gradually narrow as you look towards each tip, with a curve that is smooth and elegant, this wood has a very unique character. Unlike some other wood options, this wood will release little to no tannins which would otherwise stain Aquarium water.
We hope this exceptional new driftwood will be on your list of hardscape materials the next time you start a new setup! We look forward to seeing new layouts and designs using our new “Forest Black Wood”! As always, have fun, be creative, and try something new!

*Small amounts of Saprolegnia (white slime) may appear during the initial stage. If it occurs, suction them out with a small tube frequently.

 *This wood could float initially and therefore need to be water logged or weigh down with stones for the initial stage as it may float due to buoyancy.  Once it is water logged, it will not float and stones can then be removed.


  • Please rinse it with water before use. 
  • As it is natural driftwood, it has differences in shape and color. We are not able to take request for specific shapes.
  • The sizes suggested below is rough size only, as it is natural wood, it comes in a varieties of shapes and sizes, some maybe wider, some maybe longer, some maybe branchier than others.



*Below size range are approximate range only.  Some pieces could be shorter but thicker, or longer but skinnier.

  • XL Size FOREST BLACK WOOD: * Approx. 31 - 36 inches
  • LLL Size FOREST BLACK WOOD: * Approx. size 24 - 30 inches
  • LL Size FOREST BLACK WOOD: *Approx. size 19 inches - 22 inches
  • L Size FOREST BLACK WOOD: *Approx. size 16 inches - 19 inches 
  • M Size FOREST BLACK WOOD: *Approx. size 13 inches - 16 inches
  • S Size FOREST BLACK WOOD: *Approx. size 10 inches - 13 inches
  • SS Size FOREST BLACK WOOD: *Approx. size 10 inches - 7 inches or under


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