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California ghost wood

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This is a Native California wood.  The unique name comes from its odd twisted shapes and pale colors that is almost paranormal-like.  The twisted shapes and colors comes from the environment that it is collected from, which is often with strong wind or water current.

 *This wood is light and therefore need to be water logged or weigh down with stones for the initial stage as it may float due to buoyancy.


  • Please rinse it with water before use. 
  • As it is natural driftwood, it has differences in shape and color. We are not able to take request for specific shapes.
  • The sizes suggested below is rough size only, as it is natural wood, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, some maybe wider, some maybe longer, some maybe branchier than others.



  • L Size California Ghost Wood: *Approx. size 24 inches- 32 inches 
  • M Size California Ghost Wood: *Approx. size 16 inches- 24 inches


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