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ADA AQUASKY RGB 60 (for W60cm tank with glass thickness of 6mm)

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AQUASKY RGB 60 is an LED lighting system for aquatic plants with special RGB LED chips adopted to the light source.  Each wavelength output of the three primary colors of light such as red (R), green (G), and blue (B) is not only optimized for the growth of healthy aquatic plants but also for the enhanced appearance of the naturally vivid colors of aquatic plants and fish.

The body structure of the Aquasky RGB 60 is solidly built with metal.  The side panels of the body and the legs have a unique continuous tapered-in design that lends it a sleek, modern, clean look.  This design gives a sense of the depth of field, which is one of the key ADA design philosophies for creating an Aquascape.  The architectural design of the unit's built quality and ADA signature color spectrum are unquestionably high-end and class-leading.  This is ADA design.  To signify its authenticity, the ADA logo is etched on the right-hand side of the leg.  

*Compatible Aquarium Tank Size: ADA Cube Garden 60-P with the dimension of W60xD30xH36(cm) and glass thickness of 6mm. 



Product Specification/
Input voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption:40W
Current consumption:2000mA ± 5%
Illuminance Around:23000Lux
(Central illuminance at 10cm distance)
Color temperature Around:9,000~12,000K
(Due to the nature of LED lighting, there are variations in color temperature.)
LED lifetime:Over 30,000hrs (subject to the operating environment)
Operating temperature range 0~35℃
※This light is equipped with a soft start function

*NOT compatible with tank W60×D45×H45cm with a glass thickness of 8mm.

It’s a whole new look
The design of the body of AQUASKY RGB 60 is modern and sharp.  It achieves high light intensity through the AQUASKY’s radiator fin structure.

LEDs distributed in an efficient manner
70 RGB LED chips are efficiently distributed in order to produce high light intensity. In addition, AQUASKY RGB 60 is equipped with a diffuser cover that helps illuminate the entire tank brightly.

Smaller AC adapter and new switch function
AQUASKY RGB 60 has a smaller AC adapter while sharing the same light-emitting mechanism with Solar RGB. With the soft-start function, it starts up in a smooth manner.

Creates a light quality ideal for planted layouts 
It emits the same light output as Solar RGB optimized for planted aquariums and produces both healthy growth and the beautiful appearance of plants.

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