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ADA Super Jet Filter ES-2400 (for 180cm tank) with glass pipe set

ADA Super Jet Filter ES2400 (for 180cm tank) with glass pipe set

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Designed for maximum performance in a canister filter- the ADA Super Jet Filter ES 2400 is the professional-level model size in the ADA canister filter lineup. Powered by the highest quality Iwaki magnet drive pump, stable water flow is ensured even as the canister builds up debris over time and in-between filter cleaning. The robust stainless steel construction is handcrafted by Japanese artisans.  It combines the highest quality production materials with a beautiful industrial design aesthetic.  Made in Japan.


*This filter is designed with emphasis on power, low but audible noise can be heard.

Noise level: Less than 45dB (at 1m distance)

Super Jet Filter ES-2400 series are designed for Cube Garden size from W180XD60XH60cm.



* For a tank in larger sizes, multiple filter systems should be applied. It purifies the water of a large size aquarium effectively with a large canister capacity for filtration media, and the high-performance pump producing a strong water current. For freshwater aquarium use only.


  • By stimulating the dissolution of oxygen into the aquarium water, activities of bacteria and microorganisms are activated and their biological filtration ability is increased.
  • Adopting the classic form of the external filter with the motor mounted on the canister separately decreases the influence of the electromagnetic waves on the bacteria colonized on the filter media.
  • Quality materials and simple form for best durability. 

Filtration media /
1. ES-2400 Bio Rio L 16L (supplied in net) 

Common Specification /
Flow Rate 27L/min (50Hz) ・ 31L/min (60Hz) 
Maximum Pump Head 3.1m (50Hz) ・ 4.3m (60Hz) 

Voltage /
AC100V 50/60Hz 

Standard Accessories /
Lily Pipe P-6 (Ø17), New Lily Pipe V-7 (Ø20)
Clear Hose Ø20 (19 / 25mm)
Clear Hose Ø17 (15 / 20mm)
Hose Band Ø20 × 2


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