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ADA Cube Garden 30W Rimless Aquarium (Ultra High Clarity Glass)

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Rimless aquarium, the ADA Cube Garden was born in 1994.  It opened a new era of aquarium tanks, creating breathtaking aquatic sceneries without any obstructions.  Cube Garden has since continued to evolve and made possible with authentic craftsmanship and carefully sourced materials.  It is essential for creating a beautiful aquascape.
"Create something more natural than Nature. Bring Nature to your everyday life."Specifications for 30W Ultra High Clarity Glass:
    • Handmade by specialized craftsmen with high-quality glass and highly durable silicon. 
    • 2-year quality warranty
    • 4 stainless steel hooks included 
    • Dimension: 30x18x24cm (approx:12"x7"x9.5") 
    • Glass thickness: 5mm
    • Volume: 3.5 Gallons  


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