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Amano Shrimp (Caridina multidentata)

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*The shrimp that you receive may not look the same as the image shown due to stress during transportation as well as natural variations.


Amano shrimp (Caridina multidentata) is named after Mr. Takashi Amano, the founder of ADA (Aqua Design Amano) who discovered these shrimp's immense appetite for algae and introduced them into the aquarium hobby.  Their translucent body and relatively small size make them suitable for Nature aquariums of all sizes without over-powering and interference with the aesthetics of the aquarium.  This is a relatively active and easy shrimp to keep provided that the aquarium is well planted or oxygenated.  



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Size range(cm):  M-L 1.5~2.5, Jumbo 3.5+

PH range:  6-7.6

Temperature:  60F to 80F 

Diet:  Omnivore

Feeding:  Algae wafers, fish food, detritus, biofilm



Keep these shrimps with small fish that will not try to eat them.

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