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*These photo sets are just examples and are NOT what you see is what you get sets

Thick Ancient Horn Wood come in a variety of shapes and natural textures with pronounced wood grains.  It is mostly thicker pieces compare to our regular ancient horn wood.  The wild-looking texture of the wood and the thick branch gives a strong and bold impression to a layout.

*Saprolegnia (white slime) may appear during the initial stage. If it occurs, suction them out with a small tube frequently.



  • Please rinse it with water before use. 
  • It may release tannins during initial setup.
  • As it is natural driftwood, there are variations in shapes, textures, and colors. We are unable to guarantee the characters of wood.


*The following size range is approximate range only.  Some pieces could be shorter but thicker, or longer but skinnier.

  • 60P SET : *Approx. mix L x 1-2pcs, M/S x 2~3pcs 
  • 90P SET : *Approx. mix L/XL x 2pcs, L/M/S 3~4 pcs 
  • 120P SET : *Approx. mix XL/XXL x 2-3pcs, L/M/S 3~5pcs
  • XXL Size ANCIENT HORN WOOD  : *Approx. size 24"-30"
  • XL Size ANCIENT HORN WOOD: *Approx. size 18"-23"
  • L Size ANCIENT HORN WOOD : *Approx. size 13"-17"
  • M Size ANCIENT HORN WOOD : *Approx. size 8"-12"
  • S Size ANCIENT HORN WOOD : *Approx. size 4"-7"

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