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ADA Cabochon Ruby (Check valve)

  • 19999

It is a durable and decorative glass-made check valve. The valve is produced from a mineral close to Ruby, and it does not deteriorate from long-term use. Moisten the mineral before installation. 

You can make your aquarium more stylish by adding a Cabochon Ruby to the CO2 supply system. Please enjoy Nature Aquarium with an aquarium system designed entirely by ADA.

Once the CO2 supply is stopped, aquarium water often flows backward into the silicon tube toward the regulator. If water enters the regulator, it may cause serious damage. In order to avoid accidents, be sure to use a no-return valve (one-way-check valve). A standard plastic Check-valve loses its function due to wear and tear of its internal bladder, however, the all-glass, handmade Cabochon Ruby can be used indefinitely, and makes an elegant addition to your aquarium.
*Always use it in an upright position.

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