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ADA Green Manner Eco Bag

  • 2999

The reusable shopping bag with aluminum insulation interior for thermo-resistant. When purchasing tropical fish and aquatic plants, living things can be safely carried around until going home without being affected by the outside temperature.

This reusable bag is convenient with little consideration. It can be utilized with ice packs as a measure against high temperatures in summer when traveling a long way.

This product can be recommended when offering living things to customers at the store along with the “Green Manners” awareness campaign for preventing non-native plants from being released into the outdoor environment.    


  • It can be compactly rolled up and store
  • Inflated fish transport bags can be stored up to 3 bags

Product Specification:

  • Size (Bag except for handles): W410×D175×H315(mm)
    When folded: About W160×D95(mm)


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