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Violet Glass (Outflow) VP (25% OFF)

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Violet Glasses are inflow (V) and outflow (P) pipes designed for an external canister filter. The unique shape of the inflow and outflow sections can create adequate flow without placing burden on water intake. Outflow Violet Glass (V) is a glass inlet pipe suitable for an external canister filter such as Super Jet Filter. Used with Outflow Violet Glass (P), it creates water flow suitable for keeping fish that prefer moderate water flow, such as cyprinids and characins, in an aquatic plant layout. In addition, the outflow pipe provides aeration depending on its placement.

  • Violet Glass-(Outflow) VP-1/13mm: for 45-60cm standard aquarium.
  • Violet Glass-(Outflow) VP-2/13mm: for 90-120cm standard aquarium.
  • Violet Glass-(Outflow) VP-3/17mm: for 120-180cm standard aquarium.

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