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Solar 1 (NAG-150W Green) (40% OFF)

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SOLAR I is the standard pendant type lighting system equipped with 150W metal halide lamp. Its clean and functional design not only flatters the aquascape, but also could be easily blend in the interior of your room. It also incorporate a highly reflective spotted reflector which maximize the brightness of the metal halide lamp.

*Even though lighting opening is small, the light reflector does excellent job diffusing the light extremely even and efficient.



Please note that the Solar I is designed to be used in 100V, 50Hz/60Hz condition. Therefore, in the 120V environment such as USA, the use of a transformer to "convert 120V to 100V" is necessary. Please contact us for detail and advise on which Power converter/transformer is recommended to use with the Solar-I light fixture.


  • Equipped with one Matel halide lamp: NAG-150W Green
  • High performance electronic ballast
  • Compact electronic ballast is equipped with detachable connector for easy installation
  • Light housing unit size/ W360xD240xH80mm
  • Light housing unit weight/ 2.5kg
  • Connection cord length/ 5m
  • Distance between two hanging wire/180mm
  • Hanging wire length/ 1.5m
  • Electronic ballast dimension/ W250xD75xH62mm
  • Electronic ballast weight/ 800g

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