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Panasonic/National 27W Twin fluorescent lamp (for Solar Mini)

  • 2500

This "Panasonia/National FPL27EX-D" 27W (day light) twin power compact florescent bulbs is designed to reproduce the "Natural sun light" in order to promote the healthy growth of the aquatic plant. An impressive performance "full spectrum" bulb, which promotes excellent photosynthesis activity of the aquatic plant. In addition, the high value of true color rendition property brings out the hue of vivid green and red beautifully from the aquatic plant and the fish.
  • The "Original" replacement bulb for both ADA Solar Mini S & Solar Mini M lighting system.
  • 27W Twin fluorescent lamp x 1
  • Made in Japan
  • Connection Type: square/4 pins
  • Total length: 245mm (approx: 9 5/8")

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