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CO2 Advanced System (White)

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CO2 Advance System Tropical Forest series No. 1,2,3 are among the world safest small CO2 cartridge, designed specifically for the planted aquarium. The sterile carbon dioxide not only has disinfectant properties, but also produces the fragrance of a natural forest, deodorizing aquarium water and enhancing relaxation effect of your Nature Aquarium. The CO2 Advance System (white) includes a small bottle of Green Bacter, which serves to nurture filtration bacteria and stimulates their activity.


  • This item must ship by UPS ground transporation or USPS parcel post. (*UPS express mail or USPS air transport delivery can not be accepted)
  • We can only ship this item to Hawaii & Alaska via USPS Parcel Post as this type of shipment is transport by cargo vessel.


Package includes:

  • 1 CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2 (White) regulator [101-006]
  • 1 CO2 System Tropical Forest No.1 Amazonian cartridge. [101-104] Content 74g, internal pressure: approx. 60 kgf/cm2 (before opened).
  • 1 Ball Valve [110-042]
  • 1 O2 System Tropical Forest Cap stand (White) [101-206]
  • 1 Glass Bubble Counter [102-201]
  • 1 Pollen Glass Diffuser [102-101]
  • 1 Check Valve (one-way flow valve) [101-504]
  • 1 Green Bacter (50ml) [103-101]
  • 1 CO2 silicon tubing (Clear)
  • 1 CO2 silicon tubing (Gray)

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