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AZOO FLEXI-Mini Scape Set

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The AZOO FLEXI-Mini Scape Set includes a high quality clear glass aquarium, the Flexi-Mini LED lighting and a hang-on filter. The dimensions of 32 x 21 x 24 cm (Total volume: 4.23 gallons/16 litres) predestine this set for aquascaping but of course it can be used as a shrimp tank as well.

The clear glass aquarium itself impresses with its high quality materials and the faultless processing. The edges are sanded and polished.

The Flexi Mini LED light is made of high quality aluminum and is equipped with full-spectrum LEDs. The strong illumination of approximately 40 lumens per litre is sufficient for many aquatic plants and the colour temperature of about 6700 Kelvin allows plants and animals to shine in the best light.

The arm is pivoted and thus enables a comfortable working inside the aquarium while still enough light is available to trim plants optimally.

When using the practical hang-on filter no valuable space is lost inside the aquarium. The built-in pump has a capacity of around 120 liters per hour.



  • Aquarium made of quality clear glass
  • Including Flexi Mini LED lighting (Silver or Black)
  • Including hang-on external Filter
  • 16 litres volume
  • Developed in collaboration with Oliver Knott



  • High-quality clear glass aquarium with polished edges
  • Dimensions: 32 x 21 x 24 cm
  • 16 litres volume
  • Full spectrum LED illumination
  • 6700 Kelvin colour temperature
  • 40 lumens per litre
  • Including hang-on filter
  • Pumping capacity: 120 l / h



  • 8 watt, 6700k
  • Light weight, slim design
  • Designed for planted aquarium
  • For tank 12" and under


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