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ATLEDTiS PRO-1 Professional Aquatic Plant LED lighting system (Dimmerable)

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Feel the Power of Light

PRO-I RGB-W lighting system is ATLEDTiS latest innovative product. Targeted for professional aquascaper. Newly designed RGB-W lighting system not only enhance plant growth, promote photosynthesis rate. It also enhance the viewing experience of user.  


Designed for standard width W90 cm tank





the ultimate sophistication

It is not just a slogan. With years of lighting and industrial design experience, we have achieved to put the most sophisticated RGB-W color mix technology into just 20mm thick aluminum body. Yet maintain it's light quality and both thermal management.


Optic mix technique

To achieve the best color mixing effect, we choose the best material as our diffuser, ensure the best color mixing quality in the smallest space. Color mix angle is limited within 80 degrees, ensure even color mixing and good light penetration.



Growth spectrum

RGB-W provide optimum spectrum for plant growth, new design technique takes BRIGHTNESS and COLOR RENDITION into the next level, Red and Green color improves. RGB-W technology was tested, verified and improve by ATLEDTiS in many years.


Remote control

4 levels of dimming/10 levels of fine dimming

One remote controls all, you can control multiple PRO-1 with one single remote. Simply pairing PRO-1 with the remote you want. You can pair as many PRO-1 as you want. Once the PRO-1 paired, other remote cannot control it.


PRO-1 uses magnetic plug, both end of connector are splash proof. 90 degree plug allows you to choose the cable turns to any direction without worry damaging the cable, ensures safety while using. It is more easy to use and cleaner design.




To ensure the best lighting quality, we choose state of the art CREE LED, with our color mix technology, color rendering can reach up to Ra90.

4000 lm

PRO-1 is designed for tank with W90 x D60cm and can easily penetrate H60cm tank.

Flickering control

We know the importance of health for each users. PRO-1 have double filtering. Reduce the flickering to as minimum as possible. Ensuring user and LED are not damage by flickering.


Dimension and Weight:

 Net Weight: 3kg


  • Body: Aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Anodize silver
  • Optic Material: PC



  • Dimming: 4 levels dimming /10 levels fine dimming 
  • Mounting: 1.5m suspension wire
  • For tank size up to: W90 x D60 x 60cm




Optic Structure: RGB – W, Color Mix Grow Light, Cree LED

Color Temperature: 6500K Daylight

Operating Voltage /Current: DC-24V / 2.8A

Input Voltage: AC 110 – 240V 

Rated Current: 740mA (2 light modular)

Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Lumen Output: 4000 lm 

Total Power: 78W 

Lumen Efficacy: 51 lm/W

Beam Angle: 80°

Life span: 36,000 hrs

RoHS: Yes

Limited Warranty: 1 year. Warranty period starts from the date of the valid certificate of purchase (receipt or invoice). 

*Technical data are based on optimum conditions, actual performance may vary.



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