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ATLEDTIS COOKIE (two light module) Professional Aquatic Plant LED Fixture

  • 19999

COOKIE is an innovative lighting system specially designed by ATLEDTiS for planted aquarium. Cookie is a MODULAR luminaire, with conductive track and modular lamp allow user add or interchange light module to cope with different situation (e.g.Changing aquascape layout, moving to a bigger tank, aquatic plant growth need). 

Designed for standard width 300 - 600mm, Glass thickness 4mm - 9mm glass tank.



Cookie light modular is designed to be both intuitive and flexible. No special tool or technique is required. Special thanks: Master Aquascaper Oliver Knott for this nice demo.


Equipped with professional optic mix RGB-W light source, with 1100 luminen ( 2 light modular), Color Rendering Index Ra 90. Cookie is a great choice for both aquascaping and aquatic plant growth


This fixture should be clamped onto the aquarium firmly to prevent falling into the water accidentally.



Designed for standard width 300mm – 450mm,
glass thickness 4mm – 9mm aquarium tanks.

Optic Structure: RGB – W, Professional Optic mix, Cree LED

Color Temperature: 6500K Daylight

Input Voltage: 110 – 240V AC (PSU INPUT)

Rated Current: 740mA (2 light modular)

Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Lumen Output: 1200 lm (2 light modular)

Total Power: 21W (2 light modular)

Lumen Efficacy: 57 lm/W

Beam Angle: 100°

Life span: 25,000 hrs

RoHS: Yes

Warrenty: 1 year

*Technical data are based on optimum conditions, actual performance may vary.


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