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ADA Super Jet Filter ES-150 (Without glass pipes) for DOOA tanks

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The new ES-150 model designed for small-size aquariums is added to ADA's Super Jet Filter series.
ES-150 brings Super Jet Filter's excellent filtration capability and a fine robust body, yet has a more compact figure and reduced flow rate. t's an ideal canister filtration system that provides efficient filtration of Nature Aquarium in small-size aquariums.

*For freshwater aquarium use only.

Standard Accessories:
Anthracite (activated carbon in net) 1L
Bio Cube 20 0.5L
Lilly Pipe Spin P-1 (10mm) *Not included
Lilly Pipe Mini V-2 (13mm) *Not included
Inflow Hose (10mm), Outflow Hose (10mm)
Hose Clip 10mm x 1/16mm x 1
Stabilization mat

Pump Specification:
Flow Rate: 3.5L/min
Maximum Pump Head: 1.3m
Capacity 1.5L
External Size: DIA118mm x H280mm
*For aquarium size from W30 x D18 x H24cm to W45xD27xH30cm
*Flow rate and maximum pump head shown in data are under a no-load condition.

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