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ADA Aqua Soil - Amazonia - Powder 9L (3 Bags) 10% off

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ADA's best-selling Substrate Soil, AQUA SOIL AMAZONIA has been improved!

Aqua Soil - Amazonia is an ideal substrate material for Nature Aquarium. With this product, you can easily re-create a natural environment where aquatic plants grow rapidly and fish and invertebrates live healthy life. It contains plenty of organic acids and nutrients which encourage plant root growth and provides a perfect substrate system for aquatic plants when used with ADA's POWER SAND. Its powder type performs effectively when used in small-size aquariums or spreads in a thin layer over the normal type Amazonia.

Designed to reproduce the image of the Amazon, create an aquascape depicting the fertile South American rainforest with the dynamic alternation of rainy and dry seasons. Normal and Powder Types are available.


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Aqua Soil Series

A high pH level (alkaline) of the substrate causes difficulties for aquatic plants in consuming nutrients. The Aqua Soil Series decreases the hardness of the water and lowers the PH level to the degree to which most aquatic plants can consume nutrients and comfortably grow. Aqua Soil granules maintain their shape and density for long periods underwater securing good circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate. With Aqua Soil, growing difficult plants such as Tonina sp. becomes easier, and it is ideal for fishes demanding soft water.

In addition to the original Aqua Soil Amazonia features, NEW Amazonia has been improved with the followings:

  1. Amazonia makes aquarium water a bit acidic. Aqua Soil lowers pH and KH and creates an ideal environment for plants and fish.
  2. New Amazonia contains rich organic acid and nitrogen levels. Organic substances in the soil are effective for keeping shrimp in healthy condition.
  3. Its pebbles are hard to crumble. Humic acid helps plant growth, and hard-to-crumble pebbles do not cause water coloring/cloudiness.

How many bags do you need? 

  • The general rule of thumb is one 3L bag per 5 gallons or one 9L bag per 15 gallons.
  • One 9L bag will give approximately 4-inch height in 1 square foot.
  • To determine how many bags you need more accurately, multiply tank length by width by depth.

          For example:

          One 9L bag equals 9000 cubic centimeters (approximately 549.21 cubic inches).  In an ADA 60P aquarium with a length of 60cm and a width of 30cm, you want a 5cm depth of soil:  

60cm (length) x 30cm (width) x 5cm (desired depth) = 9000 cubic centimeters = One 9L bag

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