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ONF Flat NANO Stand LED light - with built-in Dimmer - (Black)

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Flat Nano manufactured by ONF, the compact LED lighting for planted aquarium. The aquatics plant now appears to be more vivid and colorful in real life. With our patented fluorescent powder algorithm, the ColorFull spectrum helps all aquatic creatures to grow better, healthier and faster.

The ONF Flat Nano LED Light features on/off, 3-level dimming via touch. Flat Nano's light output is the optimal spectrum for aquatic plant growth and suits various species of aquatic plants and their respective light requirements. Once a level is chosen, ONF Flat Nano LED Light has built-in memory and will display the level last chosen even when used with a timer. Coloration is extremely vivid, allowing the myriad of hues produced by aquatic plants, freshwater fish and shrimp to shine bright and clear. Abrupt on and off schedules have the potential to shock skittish fish, but the Flat Nano LED administers ramp up and down capabilities to mimic the rise and setting of the sun to provide the most natural experience for aquarium tank inhabitants


  • Highest luminous efficiency, 1300lm / 15W
  • Dimmable: Increments of 100%-75%-50%-25%-100%
  • Brightness Memorize: It will memorize its previous brightness before turning off
  • Gradual Ramp UP & Down: In order to protect human eyes and not shock tank inhabitants
  • Jump out of the frame, just be creative! Adjustable in angle and height. Easy for creation and maintenance.
  • Applicable fish tank size: W 25-36 cm, Applicable thickness: 5-8 mm

ONF Flat Nano Stand (Black) LED Lights is suitable for aquarium with foot print within L24 x W23cm.


Size L24 x W23 x H22.5 36 (cm) / L9.4 x W9 x H8.8 ~ 14 (in)
Weight 1220g / 2.68 lb
Color Temperature 7000K
Luminous Flux 1300 lm
Input Voltage 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
LED Lifetime 50,000 hrs
Power Consumption 15W
LED 60 Units
Beam Angle 110°
Waterproof Grade IP54
Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C
Limited Warranty 1 Year. Warranty period begins from the date of valid certificate of purchase


*Technical data are based on optimum conditions, actual performance may vary.


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