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ADA NA Control Timer II (with built-in Solenoid)

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NA CONTROL TIMER II – a renewed model of NA Control Timer, is an essential need for daily aquarium maintenance. Same as the conventional NA Control Timer, a loaded solenoid valve is opened to supply CO₂ in conjunction with the lighting circuit when activated. As the light is turned off, aeration will be started. It makes timer set-up easier than the previous model, and also allows you to switch the frequency.
For the well-regulated daily maintenance of planted aquariums, ADA introduces NA Control Timer II, a sophisticated evolutionary design with an aluminum exterior, to hobbyists.

NA CONTROL TIMER II allows you to switch frequency between 50 Hz and 60 Hz, and the setting of ON and OFF time becomes even easier.  Comes with a metal body, the design is integrated with other NATURE AQUARIUM GOODS products.  

* NA Control Timer Ⅱ can be concurrently connected with 2 Solar RGBs.
* NA Control Timer Ⅱ is compatible with only one unit of Solar I or Grand Solar.


NA Control Timer II USER MANUAL: Download here



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